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The European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS) is the major European Conference on the Complexity Science field and its multidisciplinary applications. Since 2004, there is a ECCS annual conference, and since 2011 ComplexWorld has organized a satellite event during the ECCS helping to build up the bridge among the Complex Systems community and the ATM world. Hence, 2011 was the first CW satellite meeting in ECCS:

2011 Complexity and the Future of Transportation Systems

  • Satellite Meeting at the European Conference on Complex Systems 2011
  • Vienna, September 15, 2011


  • Massimiliano Zanin Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute, Spain
  • Fabrizio Lillo University of Palermo, Italy; Santa Fe Institute, USA; Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, Italy

Program Committee:

  • Stefano Boccaletti Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata (Italy)
  • Rosario Mantegna University of Palermo (Italy)
  • David Perez Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute (Spain)
  • Alessandro Vespignani Indiana University (USA)

Invited speakers:

  • Vito Latora. Dipartimento di Fisica, and INFN, Universita' di Catania, Italy. Laboratorio sui Sistemi Complessi, Scuola Superiore di Catania, Italy
  • Dino Pedreschi Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory, CNR, Italy
  • Miguel Romance Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

Contributions: (ID, Authors, Title)

  • CFTS.01 T.Krstic Simic, F. Netjasov and V. Tosic Air traffic complexity: a function of traffic characteristics
  • CFTS.02 E.Barrena, A. De-Los-Santos, J. A. Mesa and F. Perea Extending Properties in Railway Network by means of Hypergraphs
  • CFTS.03 F. Atun Ensuring the future of transportation system against natural disasters in a complex city environment
  • CFTS.04 J. Vasic and H. J. Ruskin Combined motorised and bicycle traffic on a one-way road intersection -simulation and analysis
  • CFTS.05 E. Strano, T. Jones and T. Proudit The relationship between urban street network configuration, land use and short urban travel behaviour
  • CFTS.06 D. Delahaye and S.Puechmorel 4D Trajectories Complexity Metric Based on Lyapunov Exponents
  • CFTS.07 M. P. Viana, E. Strano, S. Porta, E. Estrada and L. da F. Costa On the communities detection in large urban networks

Abstracts and more information can be found here

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